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Home Buying Process - Simple and Easy

  • montvert-booking


    Booking amount is paid towards selected unit. Estimation sheet is given to client. Please provide all your contact details including e-mail address, phone numbers, address, alternate address, person to contact in your absence etc.
  • montvert-agreement

    Review of documents

    Review of documents by a qualified lawyer if necessary within 1-5 working days.
  • montvert-agreement

    Agreement Step 1

    Agreement is to be done within 15 days (maximum) of booking. Please make a payment of stamp and registration amount etc. All checks must be cleared 3 working days prior to Registration date so that we have enough time to get the document affixed with required stamp duty (this is also known as Franking of document).
  • montvert-agreement

    Agreement Step 2

    Sign the agreement in presence of our representative in our office. (2-3 hours).
  • Here is a broad outline of steps involved in home buying, from booking to possession.
  • montvert-agreement

    Agreement Step 3

    Registration of agreement with state agency i.e. Registrar's office. Purchaser's (or their Power of Attorney Holder) presence is required along with our representative (who will assist you) to complete the registration process. Usually this process is of few hours but we request you to allocate 2 working days for this just to be on a safer side.
  • payment-of-installments

    Payment of Installments

    Timely payment of installments as per the work stage (shown in agreement). You may choose to go for ADF (advance disbursement facility) as this saves you money and avoids excessive hassle. Please ask your bankers or our sales associate for details.
  • completion-of-your-unit

    Completion of your Unit

    Once the construction work on your unit is complete you will be given one week to examine your unit for completion.
  • possession-agreement

    Possession agreement

    Once satisfied a possession agreement needs to be signed by seller and purchaser and registered.
  • handover-of-keys

    Handover of Keys

    Keys and possession will be handed over after registration of possession agreement and upon completing the payment.